Iran Diary: Day Thirteen-October 22, 2009

Kerman > Yazd

In the morning we visited the local bazaar in Kerman. A book binding shop in the covered bazaar attracted me. It was a beautiful shop filled with intricate leather and cloth book covers. Two gentlemen said hello to me and we struck up a conversation. After a few minutes, the owner introduced the younger man to me as a “ Hero of 1979 Iranian Revolution”. He seemed to be a shy and humble person.

Kerman is about 200 miles from the Afghan border and seems to be a haven for a substantial number of refugees from the wars. In the bazaar I noticed two men in ethnic Afghan clothing and said hello to them. We asked each other where we were from. They said that they were from Herat.

Traveling with the same group for 10 days, I began to learn about the personal histories of our fellow travelers. That day I found out that one of our members was a retired CIA officer. This man usually sat in the front of bus while I sat in the back, so I hadn’t talked with him much before. Another traveler told me that he was ex-CIA. At that moment I understood why this man displayed such great “people skill “. Whenever there were local people around he struck up conversations with them with great ease and friendliness. I guess that is one important qualification for his former profession. In our bus he was usually very quiet.

At the entrance to a small local museum, I saw Mr. ex-CIA talking to a young soldier who was guarding the entrance. The soldier saw my camera and asked me to take his photo with Mr. ex-CIA. I was amused because Amir had told us never to take pictures of uniforms.  Now a uniformed man had asked me to take his picture.

A hero of the Iranian Revolution イラン革命の英雄

In the bazaar  バザールで

Afghan Refugees アフガニスタンからの難民

Some American film posters いくつかのアメリカ映画のポスター

At a rest stop ハイウエイストップ

Syringe 注射器

In the middle of the desert there was a large electric generating facility 砂漠の真ん中にあった大きな発電所

Every hotel room has a marking on the ceiling indicating the direction to Mecca ホテルの全ての部屋にはメッカの方向を示すマークがある

New Friends 新しい友達

One of my favorites was this eggplant dish. It goes very well with rice or with the amazing Iranian bread この茄子の料理は私のお気に入りのうちの一つだった。ライスとも素晴らしいイランの平らなパンともよくあう



She lives and works in a small beach community in Southern California with her spouse John. As an artist she has wandered around in several media (kimono painting, oil painting, drawing, installation, etc.) but has settled down to photography for the last six years. She also wanders around different countries, regions, and cultures to see life from many different angles. She has started this blog with not-so-good English, rusty Japanese and a lot of guts.
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  1. I enjoy traveling with you and the visual experiences of your subtle compositions, Syringe being one.
    Your Baldisariesque photograph is great.

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