Iran Diary: Day Twelve-October 21, 2009

Kerman > Rayen > Kerman

Kerman is an oasis town in southeastern Iran in the Dasht-e lut desert. In the region temperatures have been known to reach 62° C (144° F).

Drug smuggling from Afghanistan is a serious problem in this area. Our bus was stopped by police on the way to Rayen and inspected for drugs, though not very thoroughly. A kilo of opium costs about $200 in eastern Iran. In the US the street value would be about $200,000 (in 2009).

Rayen Citadel is a remarkable mud brick fortification. A similar and more significant site is Bam, farther to the southwest, but sadly it was largely destroyed by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in 2003.  About 27,000 people were killed.

As our group approached the restaurant that had been selected for our lunch, I noticed three well-dressed men watching us from the third floor balcony of a building across a narrow alley from us. An older man in a tweed jacket and wearing a white turban said something to a young man holding a video camera. The young man moved closer to the edge of the balcony while making a video of us. The third man wearing a black suit kept watching us. Mysterious! I just walked on as though I hadn’t noticed anything.

Two thirds of Iran is desert イラン国土の3分の1は砂漠である

At the Citadel posters discouraged greeting with a handshake. There was an outbreak of Swine Flu in the area. 城塞遺跡のポスターが握手をしないよう指示している。このあたりではH1N1インフルエンザが流行していた

Rayen Citadel (or Rayen Castle) made of mud bricks, is at least a 1,000years old泥煉瓦で出来ているライエン城塞は少なくとも1000年前に造られた 

Three mysterious men made a video of us outside this restaurant このレストランの外でミステリアスな三人の男がわれわれのヴィデオを撮った

This family owns the restaurant レストランのオーナー家族

The tomb of Shah Nemat-ollah-e-Vali, a Sufi saint and poet スフィ聖人で詩人のシャー ネマットオラエーヴァリの墓 

Iran has a many traffic accidents especially among highway truck drivers. The sticker shows the driver is seeking Allah’s protection イランでは特にハイウエイトラックドライバーの交通事故は多い。このステッカーはこのドライバーがアラーの保護を求めていることを示している

Automobile row in Kerman ケルマーン自動車業者通り

A mysterious building-its builders, age and purpose are unknown but it is very old不思議な建物—建てた人、年齢、目的は不明だけれどとにかく古い 

Bagh-e Tarikhi Gardens are lovely examples of classical Persian gardens バゲエー タリキ庭園は古典的なペルシャ庭園の素晴らしい例である

A young couple we met outside of the Garden 庭園の外であった若いカップル

The buffet of this restaurant looked like it was meant for the United Nations このレストランのバフェはまるで国連のようだ









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